Practice modules in cooperation with the Gießen-Friedberg

The FlowerART Academy will offer a new program from June 2020: “IHK practice training certified”, in cooperation with the IHK Gießen-Friedberg.

Basic skills floristry (IHK)
Competence modules in floristry (IHK)


International Certification Course China

In cooperation with the school Florart – flower & design school in Guangzhou, China and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Rheinhessen.


If you are interested in the International IHK Certification Course in China, feel free to contact Jia You directly via WeChat (QR code). Many Thanks!

Jia You
Dipl. Interior Designer
German – Chinese Industrial Project Management
Founder and shareholder of Florart – flower & design school


International Certification Course Korea

In collaboration with the School Floriat – Flower & Design School in Seoul, Korea.


Jinny Park
Floral Designer
Director of  Floriat

Alex Choi
Floral Designer
World Champion 2015