Azubinale 2018

On February 10, 2018, the Azubinale took place in Hamburg, an exciting competition with nine finalists from all over Germany from the 2nd/3rd Learning year. This year’s Azubinale was themed “Gastronomical Flower Enjoyment”. The event was organized by BLUME 2000 to promote young talents in floristry.

The day before, Petra Konrad had, with the support of Dominique Herold and Nikolaus Peters, set up a workshop with interested apprentices: they created great room decorations for the event location Altes Mädchen, where the Azubinale took place. Under cold conditions at the wholesale market in Hamburg everyone was eager to get ready for the decoration.

On the day of the trainee, Petra Konrad also led through the debate, which focused on the future of training in floristry. Participants of the debate were:

• Dr. Stefan Gegg (CEO Fleurop AG)
• Heinrich Göllner (FDF Federal Association Vice President)
• Frank Teuber (Marketing Manager FLOWER OFFICE HOLLAND)
• Patrick Junge (owner and CEO of Paniceus Gastro Systemzentrale, founder of Peter Pane)
Imke Riedebusch (florist master, workshop with showroom, Youtuber, NDR television florist)
• Alexander Zoern (Managing Director BLUME 2000)

The floristic level of the Azubinale was high and the apprentices did their best. A great way to increase the motivation of the trainees and give them the opportunity to implement their own ideas. In addition, it is a great enrichment and experience to participate in a competition.

We congratulate all participants and the winner from Flensburg, Eileen (Blume 2000 Flensburg, 2nd year)!

Photos: Petra Konrad, John Langley, Thomas Gröhbrühl, BLUME 2000